Character Creation

--You do not need to be approved to roleplay--


Name: (Your character's first and last name.) 

Nickname: (Your character's nickname, not title.)

SAO (Sword Art Online) Username: 

Gender: (Male or Female.)

Age: (Between 12 and 40.)

Birthday: (Only days and months.)


Others: (Your character's special characteristic, you can leave this blank if your character does not have any special characteristic.) 





Level (everyone starts on level 1 except for admins and site owner):

Floor You Live on (look on the information pag the higher the floor the more expensive):

Unique Skill (One per player, look on information page):

Sword Skills: (Five Only at the start, you get upgraded by two skills every level

Non Combat/Passive Skills (depends on what level your on how many you get, Two to Began with upgraded by two from their):

Guild or Solo Player:

Guild (only fill this in if your a guild player): 

Link: (this is the link to your picture for the character creations site)

- Ether Send Your Character Creation to Ariel Yuuki, Nick Arwyn or Amercia Brown or Post it down below -

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